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[WeFuckBlackGirls – Dogfartnetwork] Daizy Cooper [720p HEVC x265]

They’re German…they’re “television producers”…and they’re creeps. That’s pretty much all Daizy Cooper knows about the two dudes she just met, but that isn’t stopping her. Like most actors and songwriters, Daizy is desperate for fame. She’s performed in audition after audition, and all she wants is to show the world her talent. The Germans? Well, they may (or may not) produce a hit show for German T.V., but one things for sure — they’re horny and they’ve going to give Daizy a shot. Two shots actually — both of their hot jizz right down her throat. They also gave her a couple dicks in her wet, eager mouth, then in her sweet, sweet pussy…and finally, in her oh-so-tight asshole! It was so tight, Daizy wasn’t sure she could take it! But you know what? The butt sex also gave Miss Cooper a couple of authentic orgasms! But did Daizy get the gig? Well… in the world of entertainment, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”, isn’t so encouraging.

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