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[VSPDS-251] Android & Cyborg Nurses Working at Hospital of the Future [480p]

A hospital full of android girls helps patients recover through sexual therapy.

Features women going limp, acting robotic and trying not to blink as they are fucked in leotards.

Scenes: ShowScene 1 – Ami

Unit Ami pulls down the patients pants and gives a vigurous yet emotionless handjob. She then opens her mouth and allows the patient to dispense his liquid waste as organisms are known to do.

(Yes piss, you got it)

Scene 2 – Lina

Unit Lina checks on a patient in bed. She gives him his pill orally then services him with a blowjob.

Scene 3 – Rika

Unit Rika is being interviewed for quality assurance. The man in the suit groped and pokes at her body as she sits motionless. He fingers her firmly until she soaks his hand. She then sucks his dick and bends over as he fucks her through the leotard. She rides him reverse-cowgirl on the chair then lets him fuck her missionary, until he pulls out and ejaculates on the chest of her leotard.

Scene 4 – Miku

Unit Miku enters the playroom where an oversized male rides a rocking horse. She kneels down and dispenses thick lubricant onto his penis out from her mouth then sucks on it hands free. The manchild then pushes her onto a teddy bear and face fucks her motionless body. The pair continue to have sex on the floor until the guy creampies her while thrusting into her limp body.

Scene 5 – Lina, Rika, Miku

The hospital needs to undertake maintenance of the robots. They’re refilled, deconstructed and rebuilt. The three are then fucked on a table in a row while a female doctor takes notes. While the three men fuck them missionary another thjree men get up on the table and fuck their mouthes. The units splutter as their mouthes are filled with fluid and some of the men ejaculate on their pelvic region of the leotards.

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