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[ManyVids] Mia Rand – Stewardess JOI & Roleplay [720p]

Mia Rand is dressed in a sexy stewardess uniform, and is giving the pre-flight safety talk.

It soon deviates from the standard airline script – apparently women are not allowed to wear panties on this airline, and Mia shows she is complying with the rules.

Another rule is to alert the cabin crew when you want to masturbate – you want to jerk it right now, so Mia has to postpone the safety talk and talk you through jerking off. It’s people like you who delay flights across the world.

She starts giving you jerk off encouragement, including showing you her ass and pussy, and stripping off into just her bra.

To help you along, she gets a dildo out, sticks it to the desk and asks you to imagine it’s your dick.

She rubs here tits against it, and then gets on the table in her heels, and rubs her pussy against it.

She strips off her bra, and continues to give jerk off instructions while she fucks the dildo

She gives a short cum countdown so you can orgasm the same time she does – she is enjoying it and her legs are really shaking when she comes – very hot.

Ends with her licking her own cream off the dildo and finishing the safety briefing.

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