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[LegalPorno] Double addicted with Kristy Black & Julia Red – GIO656 [720p]

Kristy and Julia showing off their butts and licking their nipples. But pretty soon they stick their tongues up each other’s buttholes. One guy approaches and actually briefly does the same to Kristy. Both girls standing anal, then doggy anal. Doggy DAP for Julia, then also Kristy. RCG DAP Kristy. CG DAP Julia. Gapes. Bit of ATOGM for Julia. Rimming Kristy. CG DAP Julia, ATOGM for Kristy, rimming Julia. Now Kristy CG DAP, Julia ATOGM. Gape and rimming. RCG DAP Julia, doggy DAP Kristy. Again, bit of ATOGM for Kristy. Kristy flat on the floor being anally pounded. Julia KOC DAP. Now Kristy in KOC DAP, Julia doggy anal. Standing anal for Kristy, ATOGM for Julia. Girls stacked and analled. Doggy anal next to each other, gapes. ATOGM for Julia. Kristy farting, her butthole visibly marred by a lifestyle of constant anal assault. BJs. Julia almost sitting on Kristy’s face, the ever so popular creampie position. First one goes in and is sucked out by Kristy. Second one goes in, Julia pushes the white matter cleanly into Kristy’s mouth, the work of professionals. Same thing with the third. Fourth one gets a little stuck and Julia pees on Kristy while trying to push it out, which she eventually succeeds in. Kristy swallows and the girls do some hot kissing before the cut.

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