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[JerkyGirls] The Shauna Foxxx Collection [1080p]

It’s a rainy day…their Parents are away…and Shauna and Her Baby Brother, Josh are fighting over the remote (as usual)…bickering about what to watch on TV. Shauna wins, of course…not only is She the oldest Sibling…She’s a Girl (and we ALWAYS win!!! lol). As it turns out, Shauna can’t find anything decent on TV, so She confesses to Her Brother that…it’s Her “horny time of the month”…and She suggests that, even though they are Brother/Sister…that they…in Shauna’s words…”Jerk each other Off!!” Josh has no interest in mutual masturbation with his bratty Sister…but Shauna knows a secret about Josh…and She’s going to take advantage of it…”Hey Booger-Head…I’ve seen you around the house, checking out my Feet. I’ll let you suck my feet, if you’ll agree to Jerk each other off”. Josh is roped in…he really does want to kiss his Sister’s Hot Feet…so he agrees. Shauna lets her Baby Brother suck on Her Feet for a few minutes…and then She proclaims “Ok enough of kissing my Feet…let’s Jerk each other Off…I go first because I’m a Girl”. Shauna gets Her Baby Brother to play with Her Clit…then She makes Her baby Brother go down on Her and eat Her Pussy until She cums!!! After cumming, however…Shauna has a surprise in store for Her Brother…She grabs Her Vibrator and says “Watch this Bro…my friend Emily showed me how to do this…” With Her Brother watching intently…Shauna brings Herself to a MASSIVE MASSIVE SQUIRTING ORGASM!!! Shauna’s cum flies all over the Living Room as Josh watches in astonishment!! With the entire floor still soaked with Shauna’s cum…She grabs hold of Josh’s cock, and vows to uphold Her end of the bargain…and She Jerks Her Baby Brother to a MASSIVE MASSIVE ejaculation. The two Siblings bicker back and forth about who made the bigger mess. If their Parents only knew what went on…

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