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[Homemade] Blindfolded Wife Gets A BBC Surprise [SD]

Lucky guy gets a deepthroat blowjob from his horny and curvy wife. She sucks his cock and balls well before lying on her back and getting her pussy fucked in missionary. The guy then licks and fucks her pussy, facefucks her and the puts a blindfold on her, licks and fucks her pussy some more and gets her to suck his cock. Suddenly he pulls out of her mouth and walks away, while his black friend enters the room and shoves his big cock inside her mouth. The girl sucks his large cock as well as she can before he starts fucking her pussy. Midway through the fucking, the the wife removes her blindfold to reveal that she has been fucking a black guy. The wife seems ecstatic about this surprise and smiles a lot as the guy keeps fucking her pussy harder and harder until he finally cums all over her wet pussy.

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