【GirlsDoPorn】E386 21 Years Old

Incredibly gorgeous girl: sexy perky tits; incredible legs; sexy and juicy ass: an absolute incredible body

gives an average BJ; can barely get her mouth past his head, but at least tries to suck with a decent amount of energy; uses her hands a lot while sucking as it’s pretty much all she can really do as it looked like she had a hard time handling his size; not surprising since this is technically only the 3rd dick she’s ever seen

sex started really slow as her inexperience definitely showed but boy did it ever pick up; chemistry felt very passionate between these two from the start; her overall energy and performance was an A+ as she quickly got into the sex and never really slowed down once things picked up; levels of intensity I felt varied but was still hot for the majority of the episode

vocal feedback started with lots of heavy breathing at first and became loud strong moans and grunts as the episode progressed, with borderline screams during some of the more intense parts; facial expressions showed great amounts of pleasure particularly during missionary where she gets pounded the hardest; needless to say everything felt genuine

doggy should also be noted purely based on how incredible her body looked bent over, with the sex also being pretty hot during this position as well

while all positions were hot, best position imo easily has to go to missionary as the male talent really let loose on her

scene ended with her very 1st facial

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