【GirlsDoPorn】E375 18 Years Old

-18 years old
-in a relationship; does not know what’s she’s doing
-has a nice soft voice with a sweet girl personality; gives good comfortable answers and seems to have good chemistry with the interviewer
-Cute Latina girl with long black hair: small pierced tits; flat stomach and small frame; small bubble butt

About the sex:
-starts off pretty strong with the BJ from the start; does down deep from every head bob with a good strong pacing; little hand movement; no facefucking; goes down pretty deep but never full gets it down all the way
-sex started off strong from the male talent but very passive from the model; very little movement or even emotion from her in the beginning but warmed up to the sex nicely as the scene progressed; chemistry felt out of place in the beginning but became very apparent the more she got into her scene; the sex remained strong and steady throughout the entire episode
-vocal feedback was mostly quiet from her, consisting mainly of very short and sporadic breaths in the beginning but she slowly started to warm up as the episode progressed as she gradually began to moan in pleasure as the sex got harder; never gets totally loud but does show more noticeable signs of enjoyment compared to when she first starts; facial expressions are similar in that her face remains mainly static in the beginning but
-no condom in tonight’s episode
-scene ends with a facial, something she was not all that happy on receiving
-all positions were hot: missionary to see her transition from indifferent to opening up; good hard riding in both cowgirl positions; doggy for the hardest pounding and most energy from her

-what makes the scene hot is her gradual acceptance of pleasure; from the beginning interview she admits to only doing the shoot for the money and coupled with the fact that she has a boyfriend and her indifferent demeanor in the beginning, it felt as if she thought she would just be a dead fish in bed for a quick paycheck, however due to the relentless hard pounding of the male talent she ultimately gave in to pleasure and allowed herself to enjoy the sex.

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