【GirlsDoPorn】E362 Beautiful Eyes Teen

The first thing that will strike you about this brunette is her piercing beautiful eyes…she’s a total stunner and is here to make her very first porn; she loves sex and knows she looks great so she figured hey why not get paid for it haha! She works as a model on the runway and you can certainly tell; she has spectacular legs and of course that beautiful face…she’s a 19 year old knockout and is a biology student working towards being a pediatrician, so she’s not only gorgeous she’s intelligent too!

It can be tough to take care of the bills though so she made the decision to do this hardcore shoot at Girls Do Porn…and man oh man are we glad she did, she’s absolutely beautiful. She is also dating a guy who has no idea she’s here doing this, so I guess she’s got a bit of a naughty streak lol!

Her interview is fun and everything but we’re all really waiting to see that body of hers and she definitely does not disappoint…perky titties, perfect ass, long legs, just amazing all around and apparently that pussy of hers is like a velvet glove wrapped around this dude’s cock as he slides inside!

She gets fucked in a few different positions, she seems to really like the missionary and also obviously gets really into the oral, she apparently loves to pleasure a dick and who are we to deny her that pleasure? Girls Do Porn has done it again, an absolute beauty with a flawless body who loves getting her tight teen pussy fucked and knocks it out of the park making her very first adult video!

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