【GirlsDoPorn】E329 19 And 20 Years Old

Double trouble, that’s how the Hot Skinny Waitress describes this situation and that’s a very good way to put it if you ask me! She’s back and this time has brought a friend along to Girls Do Porn and they’re ready to take on a couple of big hard cocks to make a sexy foursome video update.

The waitress chick is 20 and her hot blonde girlfriend here is 19, they’ve both got amazing long legs and beautiful faces and nice sexy titties I could go on with the descriptions but you’ll get to see every inch of these two hotties when they strip down and start getting down to business!

Things start off sexy as the two lounge on the bed talking about some of their past sexual experiences and it only gets hotter from there as they both get on their knees and each take a big dick in the mouth they each have different blowjob techniques, the waitress is a little faster and more intense and the blonde is a little more sensual and slow, so pick your favorite!

After a little oral fun they both get naked and soon everyone is on the bed fucking like crazy! It’s hard to pick a favorite between these two so luckily we don’t have to, they both get pounded on either side of the bed and there are more perky perfect titties and tight firm asses bouncing around than you can shake your stick at…although you’ll want to test that I’m sure! Their moans mix together in a sexy chorus as they both take a hot hard deep dicking and then race to the finish line to see who can pump out a big creamy facial first who do you think won? Better take a look and find out for yourself!


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