[FacialAbuse] Back to Back, Ass to Ass – E682 [1080p]

Two mouths, two vaginas, that’s all that’s required to please two hard dicks. Toss in some ass to mouth, and 50 or so bitch slaps and you have yourself a scene — especially when a dick from one hooker’s ass goes directly into the other hookers mouth. There was tons of slop sharing, and a […]

[FacialAbuse] Sullen – 19 year old [720p]

It’s a great day when someone who was born when one was in high school is here before you on the FA couch. It’s like Hugh Heffners Viagra and Larry Flynt’s wheel chair fucked, and blessed us today—even though both magazines have been purchased by the biggest internet pirates. Even bigger than that fat bastard […]

[FacialAbuse] Pendulous Cow Tits [720p]

It’s nice to see a hooker gain some healthy weight that goes right to the tits and ass. She has a nice big pair of undulating utters that are fun to squeeze and slap around like a California Cuck. Her big fake lips were specifically done for this shoot to form a better seal around […]

Natalia Grey – Closeted Cuckold [1080p]

A hardcore cuckold fantasy video by Natalia Grey. The video begins with a short hardcore scene that contains a blowjob and doggy-style to creampie where the camera is from the prospective of the closet. The rest of the video is solo cuckolding talk, light humiliation and degradation where the camera focuses on the the creampie […]

[FacialAbuse] Another Shoot, Another Pound [720p 60FPS]

It’s tough not to shoot someone when they rent the storage space and have a cot they sleep on. Sometimes we open the door and let her out. She was a little pudgier and had some tits. I was like damn! In this shoot, she was bound the entire time, and sodomized the entire time, […]

[FacialAbuse] Amelia Dire – Whore Mysterio [1080p 60FPS]

Another whore to use and abuse! Two guys tear up this amateur slut with purple hair. Absolutely no mercy is shown as they notch their cocks deep inside her skull. She seems apprehensive to start with and for good reason. Then the assault begins. She struggles to catch her breath as cock after cock pummels […]

[FacialAbuse] Angelina Diamanti – Skin, Bones and Bolt-Ons [720p 60FPS]

Angelina gets on her knees and goes to work gagging on and jerking two cocks. They spend the next 18 or so minutes fuckng her throat in different positions, while also spitting on her face and giving her the occasional face slap. She rides cowgirl (anal), gets double penetrated, rides reverse cowgirl (pussy), gets DPed […]

[SexuallyBroken] Riley Reyes – Suckretary [720p HEVC]

Riley Reyes gets sucked in to working late! With a sexy secretary like Riley Reyes, what man wouldn’t want to work late? Jesse has the place to himself after his employees call it a day; except for Riley, who’s tied up under his desk with his cock down her throat! Her pretty little business suit […]

[FaceFucking] Mackenzie Scott [1080p]

Poor little Mackenzie Scott was treated like the proverbial red headed stepchild tonight. She put up a strong facade at first, but it was quickly shattered once we got to the core of her pain and suffering. Some stories break our hearts… but we’re professionals and know we have a job to do. Fortunately, this […]
[DickDrainers] Marilyn Mansion – High School Pussy! [1080p] 2

[DickDrainers] Marilyn Mansion – High School Pussy! [1080p]

Marilyn is a high school student who cannot WAIT to Graduate! School is so boring. Teachers droning on and on about stupid subjects that nobody cares about. Its so useless. Sometimes Marilyn goes to amuse herself by teasing boys and teachers with her revealing outfits. She especially likes the looks she gets from the older […]
Serena Blair【DeviceBondage】Boxed In【ABE】2

Serena Blair【DeviceBondage】Boxed In

Serena has been known to have a bratty streak in the past. She is super hot and maybe that has given her a reason to have such an attitude. It is not my job to figure this out, but rather control this attitude with torment and suffering. She is restrained with multiple devices that all […]

Riley Reid【PublicDisgrace】Pretty Little Fuck Doll

Kinky cutie pie, Riley Ried is fucked in Public by Chanel Preston and Zander!! This tough little cookie takes it ALL, Dildos on sticks, DOUBLE STUFFED BLOW JOBS, floggers, Dildo Gags, Stocks, Public Humiliation, Agressive Fellatio, Face Slapping, and FISTING!! Riley can’t help but have a dripping wet pussy for all this disgusting sexual attention […]