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[DateSlam] Stephanie – Dating French Seductress Who Loves Sex [1080p]

Hey guys, in Paris to meet with Stephanie for our second date. Honestly I was very excited to see her again. Wow there she came walking down the street, what a knockout! She looked exactly the same, I just hoped she would be as horny as last time!! We had a nice lunch in one of those sidewalk Parisian cafe s. It felt perfect to be there in Paris Dating French Seductress who looked so fucking gorgeous. Read more Back in my hotel room we soon slipped into our naughty old habits, me taking pictures and Stephanie flirting. OMG the sexy French accent, the perfect French ass man was I enjoying this second date! Watch her walking up and down in that little thong, guys what a beautiful sight! If you are an ass man like me your dreams have been answered. And boy did this girl love sex. She wanted to try every position we could think of. Is it a French thing? I don t know but she makes sex with her feel so exciting, it s like an addiction. I guess she just enjoys fucking more than anything else. Yes Stephanie is definitely my kind of girl.

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