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[Castingcouch-HD] Callie – Anal With 2 BBC [720p]

We saw this beautiful amateur Callie a few months back auditioning for a job as a dancer in a rap music video and today she’s here for part2 of her tryouts… but I get the feeling she’s more into getting her hands on a big black cock again! Turns out she’s in for double the fun as she gets her lips wrapped around not one but TWO dicks at once… Callie just can’t seem to get enough dark hard cock! She’s a sort of strawberry blonde now, by the way; in her first update she was a brunette and I think the change suits her, what do you guys think? Anyway she gets spit-roasted here on Casting Couch HD as she sucks one guy off and gets fucked by the other at the same time, swapping positions around and even taking one in her ass for a hard anal pounding before getting creampied and also sucking out a load to swallow!

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