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[Castingchouch-HD] Lillian and Gina [1080p]

The scene starts with Gina sitting on the couch, she looks very nervous and after few questions the black dude tells her to go on her knees to suck his cock. Few moments later Lillian comes in scene and the guy asks her how good Gina is doing with the blowjob. Then they stop for a moment so they can talk a bit more and after that the girls take off their clothes and twerk for the camera. Then Lillian starts sucking the bbc before Gina joins her, she still seems to be very nervous and after a moment she asks to leave the scene stating she feels awkward, it’s a real pity, she had a nice body. After a moment Lillian gets on her knees again to keep sucking the bbc. They fuck on several positions, leading to a creampie at the end.

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