【BigGulpGirls】Karter Foxx

New No Hands BIG GULP GIRLS scene — one of the best girls I have shot in awhile, Karter Foxx! Love this girl and awesome blowjob. First thing you notice about this girl is that big smile and a mouth built for cock sucking! Holy shit. But that’s just the start. Long ass legs, great tight butt, perkies and just a body built for fucking sin! But then we get to the No Hander! And she is the shit! Non-stop head bobbing and sucking all the way to force out that big load just so she can play with it and get that nice taste in her mouth. And of course…finishes with a smile!

Karter puts her hands behind her at the beginning and doesn’t use them throughout the scene.She sucks for about half an hour then the guy fills her mouth while she proceeds to suck.She shows cum and plays with it for a bit,than swallows.The cumshot part is shown again at the end in slow motion(kinda).

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