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[BareBackStudios – Clips4Sale] Kara Lee And Cory Chase – iShrink You Mom [480p] (Incest Roleplay)

Mom has played her game with Kara and returned her daughter to normal size. Kara is now more upset than ever with her Mom and Horny for Dad.

Cory is gloating that she taught her daughter a lesson and expresses how she is in charge, Mom is the Boss and always will be the Boss

After a minute or so, Kara grows tired of her Mother and turns the tables…Kara shrinks her Mom to the size of a bug!!! Mom is in shock as she grows smaller and smaller

Kara with a HUGE grin, tells Mom€œI will now fuck Dad when and wherever she wants. You cannot stop me…The only thing you can do Mom is watch and listen as Daddy fucks me like you only wish he would…I have the tight hard young body with perky tits! Not old Lady Tits and Ass like you Mom!!!

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