[Bang! Casting] Yhivi Takes A Load To The Face And Has Anal [1080p]

Her cute little Asian face inspires her manly costar to fuck her up the butt in her own self titled audition video, “Yhivi.” She feels his strength as he pushes more and more fingers up her ass to get her warmed up for the intense ass fucking. It’s her big chance to prove she’s good at taking dick to be a “Bang!”


About: Yhivi is a beautiful multi-ethnic girl who was only in the porn industry for a few years before publicly bowing out. She had got into porn as a way to make some money and explore her sexuality, and soon she got frustrated with the downsides of being a pornstar. The way that people judge you and talk about you can eventually wear you down, and she wrote a beautiful explanation on her personal Tumblr blog of both why she went into porn.

I can only find one “Bang” clip of Yhivi and all that action takes place on a white settee. This one I have takes place on a black settee, so whether it is her or not, irrelevant because the action is great.

Starting off Yhivi chats to the cameraman about her life and porn stuff, knowing she wants and enjoys hard and rough sex she is soon joined by a friend of the cameraman, Jim. Before that though she laid flat on the settee, legs spread and opening her pink panties, started to finger herself. Laughing, she was handed a long glass dildo which she soon started pleasuring herself with.

With one leg up on the backrest, dildo in pussy then that was a lovely sight when he came in. The rough stuff started quickly with him pushing the dildo down her throat and making her deep throat it. With one hand on her throat, he started to fuck her with it before making her taste her juices as he pushed it back into her mouth. Lifting her up and pulling her dress up to reveal a dark patch of hair as he turned her around and started to push his fingers into her ass, all the time with a hand around her throat.

Pulling her over the arm of the settee and shoving his hand down her throat looked rough for her, but she was taking all this with ease. Hands down her throat, up her ass ended with her being thrown to the floor and ordered to crawl to him where he had his cock out, ready for her mouth. Straight down as it disappeared down her throat and her lips and his balls were all that was to be seen.

Bending her back over an arm he fucked her ass as she was in the doggy style position. Thought he had had enough of her as he threw her out the door but a smiling Yhivi’s face told him that she wasn’t broken yet. Putting the security chain on, opening the door a bit, he started pulling her head through the hole as once more he fucked her mouth. Sticking a foot down her throat, dragging her in to kneel down and give him some oral sex as he leaned against the settee. More anal sex with her bent double over the settee as he took his cock right out of her and shoved in back in, this was making Yhivi scream in pain. Holding her head still and still fucking her doggy style, it was exactly what Yhivi asked for.

More fucking on the settee, rough and hectic as Yhivi’s face was now covered in saliva and sweat as hecontinued to pound her pussy. Finally taking her dress off I thought he was going to strangle her with it, but she survived that. Then she was heaved on top of him and anally fucked as she sat on his cock with him, his hands under her legs bouncing the slight Yhivi up and down on his cock.
Pulling her off and onto the floor he grabbed her head and aimed her mouth to face fuck his cock once more. Pushing his foot into her face she fell but was lifted up by her hair as he held it tight and got her to fuck his cock with her mouth.

Up agaist the wall Yhivi was heavily fucked once more and after a short while she was pushed down onto the floor where he started to wank his cock as Yhivi held her face still, and mouth open. The cum flew everywhere, coating the walls which Yhivi was forced to lick clean before being thrown for the last time on the settee.

Was that fun, the cameraman asked, yes it was, it was lovely, she replied.





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