Alecia【NetVideoGirls】Cute Innocent Redhead Audition For A Hip Hop Musicvideo

This is a great video with Alecia, a shy redhed but cute as hell and she´s going to an audition for a hip hop musicvideo. I will not tell you now what´s going to happend, you will have to read the description and see the video. I divided the description in 2 parts, the first one is the introduction and casting and the second is the sex part.

This is because the video is like 2 parts, the first one the girl is shy, innocent and nervous. The second part she´s become a horny girl who does almost anything. I don´t want to spoil it for you so you can choose yourself if you want to read and see the screens of the second part. I promise you, it will be a better scene if you don´t now the second part before you watch it.


Alecia is a cute redhead and she is really shy and uncomfortable girl and she is auditioning for a hip hop musicvideo. She says that she wants to be an actress and been at a couple of auditions before (one of them fast and the furious). But he see right through her and he say to her that he thinks this one is her first audition. She blushes and answer yes. He wants her to do a quick moment of her best dancemoves, but she´s awful at it and she can´t dance at all. All of this making her more innocent and cuter and more reliable as an amatuer. I´m almost feeling sorry for her. But who is going to an hip hop musicvideo audition and can´t dance. 

He asks her to show her body a bit and she has an bathingsuit under her dress and a bellybuttonring that says slut!!! How hot isn´t that on that cute, innocent shy girl. Now she´s trying to do a little twerk and a bootypop but she´s not good at it at all and I think that´s hot becasue she seems so harmless. Now he got her to loosen up a bit and she now shows her breast and pussy.

Now she is sitting on the couch and he wants to see her like she´s in the club and dancing sexy there. And she´s doing this a little better then her dance before. After a while of showing she takes her bikinitop and pants of and she´s now naked sitting in the couch. Now he wants to see her nasty side, and he asks her how bad she wants to be in the video.
She answers: pretty bad.
He asks her: What would you do to be in this video?
She answers: What wouldn´t I do!!

He stand in front of her and she´s touching his dick and he asks her what she´s going to do with that and she says “Put in in my mouth” and she starts to give him a great blowjob. I love to see her inocent eyes look straight up in the camera while she sucking on his dick. A little while later he asks her:
“So what are you doing now?
She says: I´m sucking your dick.
Because I like to and I want to be in the video.

The blowjob is really good and long and I think she´s really enjoy suckings his dick and it turns her on a bit. He tells her what to do a Little to much wich I find bad becasue I want to see her doing nasty thing without being instructed to. On the other hand when he
almost forcing her to deepthroat, she nearly has tears in her eyes. That´s really hot, and she also licks his ass.

Later on he licks her pussy and she´s holding the camera facing her in pov style. I find it really hot to se her face upclose when she´s enjoy his face buried in her pussy. Her reaction when his putting in his big dick in her is also hot, you can see that she think is too big. But she is enjoy his big dick and she almost has an early orgasm and her dirtytalk with her sweet cute voice his so sexy. Also when he fucks her from behind she´s holding the camer facing her and her moans is great and she´s begging him to make her cum. She sits on his dick a little while and want him to cum in her mouth.

Her asks her. Why are you smiling?
She says: Becasue i´m going to drink your cum.

She blows him before he cums in her mouth.


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