【PornMusicVideo】CockHero Levels 3.1【ABE】


We proudly present to you CockHero Levels 3.1, the third installment of a collaborative cock hero project first championed by Frivolous. This 48 minute, 720p mp4 episode features 9 levels created by HD Music, Slappy, Jackal403, 2 levels from Awesome-X, a whopping double level from ofthewind, and a couple from myself, sbewtwopointoh. As this is a compilation of sorts, the content is varied and includes, but is not limited to…

…softcore, hardcore, solo, lesbian, oral, vaginal, anal, creampies, squirting, crackfucking, pov, interracial, cumshots, and femdom content…

Although this is a collaborative work from 6 different creators, we have tried our best to tie in our differing interests and talents into something that is more akin to a cohesive, unified piece through various design and thematic approaches. We hope you’ll find it that way as well.

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